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  1. Merry Christmas!
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  3. Interview with an old Ford Line worker for the San Jose Plant
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  5. So, What is on your mind?
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  7. Happy birthday my08stang and maritimer95gt!!
  8. What other cars have you owned?
  9. For Those of You That Want a Bit More Exhaust Noise
  10. So, What Did You Do This Weekend?
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  16. Random BS & facts for S&Gs
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  20. May Pony of the Month (POM)
  21. Best reaction to an oncoming Google Street View car ever
  22. June Pony of the Month (POTM) Nominations
  23. I wish I could do this
  24. Woman sues Google Maps over 'dangerous directions'
  25. What was your first car?
  26. Many Apologies...
  27. I'm Driving Watkins Glen!
  28. Recommendations on polish/wax?
  29. Sitting at work bored out of my mind
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  33. Ski Trip - Mustangs in Weather
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  35. Now this is the ultimate barn find...
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  38. Anyone watching Barrett Jackson?
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  40. All gave some, some gave all..
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  43. My New Perforated Headlight/Foglight Tint!
  44. Air Lift Performance Track-Pack Air Suspension Pics!!!